This is where our character creation things will go

The RacesEdit

Primal (Beast & Ogre ). These races have a slight affinity towards combat. 

Attunded (Darkling & Elemental ). These races have a slight affinity towards casting spirit & elemental spells respectively.

Graced (Elfkin & Marked ). These races have a slight affinity to chanelling the gods powers.

Stats, Skills & General SkillsEdit

STATS are the basic abilities your character has. 

Skills are the main skills changelings have that will surface in the game. These are affected to a small degree by your race.

General skills are skills that will benefit your character, but are not as neccessary. They are an excellent addition to give any character more life. Unlike the main skill list, these cost the same regardless of your race.

Character CreationEdit

-Character concept (Race, Faction/Nation, Background)

-Stats, Skills, General skills

-Starting equiptment/Spells

You have X points to spend on your character, which can be spent as follows:


Character ArchetypesEdit

Here are some example characters.

<not yet though>