Darklings are one of the attuned races. They were not trapped in a dream, but in a nightmare, their awakenings are often tormented and as they grow powerful their appearence often changes to be either sullen or monsterous. The first awakened Darkling is known as the Goddess Imbolc.


Those that become Darklings suffer before they awaken. They are somewhere between awake and asleep and tormented in a repeating nightmare. This shakes them to their very core and they do not fight their way out of it like an Ogre may have. They are awakened by something terrible happening in this nightmare, perhaps by being caught by whatever chased them or maybe even by dying. 

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A powerful Darkling


Darklings have suffered for a long time and this takes it's toll on their physical form. If they endured a long time in darkness they may lose the pigment in their skin or find themselves turning into the very things that chased them.

In SocietyEdit

Changeling society embraces darklings, with most people understanding that darklings have suffered. Some never truely recover, whilst other aim to be the best they can and enjoy the light of day when they can. Darklings often favour the towns, which are free of the Nightmares that inhabit the dreamscape. They are skilled spirit mages and often find solace in the priesthood. Other changelings often joke that darkling plans are terrible, though this is not always the case.

Famous Darklings: