There are different creatures that appear to inhabit the Dreamscape rather than any Realm in particular. These can be classed as Nightmares - aggressive and widely feared or Dreamfolk - the varied creatures that were often in human mythology that can be a friend or a foe to Changelings.


Nightmares are one of the natives of the Dreamscape that pose an everyday threat to Changelings. There are several known types of Nightmares that have been seen, though they seem to vary in their strengths. It is thought Nightmares grow from emotion or another energy given off by humans (changed or unchanged) though they find something about Changelings either offensive or irresistible which often end up in conflict with them.

The three most common Nightmares are:

  • Tempests - Brightly coloured and highly aggressive, uncontained Tempests leave a bloody mess of any changeling community plagued with them. They are sometimes associated with the Elemental Realm.
  • Dusks - Shadowy creatures who are often found at night or in the Shadow Realm, many of which magic seems to have little or no effect on.
  • Chimeras -  Disturbingly similar to changelings, they seem to have plain faces which show either happy or angry emotion, depending on the situation.


It is not known whether or not these creatures are native to the Dreamscape, refugees or pioneers that have moved into this magic rich place. What is known is that many of the Dreamfolk have been found in human mythology. They are clearly sentient, with some of them often friendly towards changelings, often willing to strike bargains or make contracts. None have been persuaded to divulge their history as they have not been offered anything suitable in exchange.

Whilst it is always wise to give Dreamfolk due caution, Changeling - known Dreamfolk relations are often as follows.

  • The following are the most changeling-friendly dreamfolk, often seeking out changelings and happy to hold conversations or alliances with them, however they treat any transgression seriously:
    • Draconians are powerful beings that resemble a cross between an ogre and an elemental. They are known to have their own nomadic society within the dreamscape, though are rumoured to have their own settlements north of h~Alba
    • Hags resemble something between a darking and a marked and are powerful magic users. They tend to claim an area of dreamscape as their own, but are more than happy to help changelings if they are happy to help them in return.
    • Pwca are animal kin who are not to be mistaken with Beast changelings. They do not seem to have full human intelligence but are generally friendly towards Changelings. They have been known to play 'tricks' on changelings varying from good humoured to dastardly. Some cultures consider them to be pests, although Draconians do not.
  • The following dreamfolk often require a gift or service from changelings in exchange for peaceful passage or conversation. They can sometimes be completely hostile, though sometimes are helpful without gifts:
    • Trolls are powerful humanoids who are very, very territorial. They often guard areas though no-one knows why. They sometimes let people pass for free, other times for a toll... though sometimes that toll is flesh!
    • Knockers are very similar to marked, only with elfish ears. They are nomadic, though often ask to join changeling caravans. Sometimes this is a boon, as they are skilled at making things, though other times everything seems to break and they get very irritated. The most dangerous thing about them is their inventions.
    • Boggarts are very magical beings and appear to be like darkling elementals and often have very two sided personalities. This makes them very difficult to deal with and it is best negotiations are kept short, lest their mind change.
  • The following dreamfolk are seldom friendly and are considered highly dangerous. Though they are not currently considered an enemy of any nation, they have a very bad reputation.
    • Bansidhe are beings that are very selective in who they try to kill, though when they have decided it's very difficult to stop them.
    • Duergar are very good at disguising themselves, though always appear to have a lantern on them. They tend to appear to folk on the roads and later turn very aggressive, though it is unknown why. Encounters have shown them to be very tough and highly magical.
    • Skrogga are very territorial. They are found exclusively in woodland. Recently, a group under the Mark of Corley encountered a Skrogga and had amicable disposition towards them.

Interactions with Dreamfolk Edit

It is not against any laws to deal with Dreamfolk any more so than with another changeling, despite the differences between the two. In some cases, it is fairly common to deal with dreamfolk. Pwca can often work alongside farmers to keep other pests at bay and knockers have been known to be good traders. Hags also will help changelings they deem to be friendly in exchange for similar help.

The most well known Dreamfolk in the Caerlaw is Bongo, a knocker with red markings in a cross on his face. Bongo claims to come from "Mudtown" and will usually trade resources or bundles (though not boons) for use of his personal, portable mana bloom.