Elementals are one of the attuned races and later being to show more signs of their connection with their respective element. The first awakened was Lady Bethylwin the Sorceress


Elementals, like darklings, often were not fully awake when they ended up in the Dreamscape. Their dreams were filled with an element, be they flying, swimming or burning houses down, they had an obession with that element or had it jolt them awake when they hit the ground or the fire licked at their skin. After becoming one with the element in their dream they begin to see something through that medium and eventually jolt themselves awake.


Elementals begin with signs of their attunement, be it the colour of their hair or skin changed slightly. As they become more powerful they begin to show more signs as they steadily embody their elment.

Fireface by Gareit Icewing-1-

Fire elemental

In SocietyEdit

Elementals tend to share some of their personality with their element. It also tends to affect what they do in life. Those attuned to earth and water make good farmers and hunters, whilst those with fire find smithing or combat to be their niche. Those of air find themselves often to be caravan guards as they can constantly travel. Of course, many elementals end up in magical roles.

The first awakened Beast is known to be Greyhorn - the legendary figure whFamous beasts: