Elfkin are one of the graced races and as a result of being less in tune with any realm have a much more subtle change. The first awakened is now the God Beltane of Spring.


Another race that often not asleep or awake, they are opposed to the darklings who suffered in nightmares, these dreamers were experencing highs or fantastic dreams. Their enhanced sense of self is what would tear them from this state, either by realising what they were or becoming to disillusioned that even the dreamscape wouldn't hold their minds any longer.


Elfkin gain one noticable trait after being 'normal' for a while - this is the pointy ears and features of an elf. There are no other really noticable features that the elfkin get, so some choose to wear woad to make themselves look less human, whilst others will cover their ears to look less changed.

In SocietyEdit

Elfkin are highly skilled and are excellent artisans and fighters though most of all they are priests and followers of the Gods. As most elfkin are very charismatic, they make good preachers and ritualists. They also enjoy politics and bartering greatly.

Famous elfkin:

  • Lord Sarent of Northumbria