Every changeling has the ability to wield a weapon, which is limited by their natural strength and skill. While some have the ability to penetrate armour and disarm their foes, most combat will be blow for blow.

From a game perspective, combat should look and feel dramatic and intense. Weapon swings should be full and time should be taken between each blow. "Drum-rolling" is not acceptable and monsters and players may ignore such hits. Blows must be pulled to prevent injury.

While the head is a viable target, it is to be avoided if possible. If the head is the only viable target, extra care must be taken to prevent injury. Blows to the neck and groin are strictly forbidden.

HPL & WoundsEdit

Every characters body is divinded into 6 sepearate locations; the head, body, arms and legs. All characters have Stamina 0, which grants them 1 hit per location (HPL).

During combat, when a location is hit, it loses one hit in the location that was struck. Armour and Stamina grants each location extra hits. When a location is reduced to zero hits, the location is rendered useless and death count begins.

Death CountEdit

When an arm or leg is has lost all of its hits, it can no longer be used, and you begin to bleed. You have 180 seconds to be healed. If you are not healed in time, your body goes into shock, you pass out and begin your main death count.

Your dealth count varies depending on the type of changeling you are.

Primal changelings have a 5 minute deathcount, Graced have 4 minutes and Attuned have 3 minutes.

If your head or body locations are reduced to zero hits, or your body goes into shock as a result of a limb wound, you are rendered unconscious and begin your count. if you are not healed by this time, your character dies.

Weapon RulesEdit

All characters can wield simple weapons which include:

  • Clubs/ Cudgels/ Maces (up to 30”)
  • Staffs/ Spears (within reasonable length, must be used in 2 hands)
  • Knives/ Daggers (up to 18”)

The 1 Handed Weapon Skill allows the use of any 1 handed weapon. Weapons must be 36” or less (Strength 1) or 42” or less (Strength 2). These sizes are a guideline only as some weapons may be slightly larger but are clearly 1 handed weapons. If in doubt, ask a Ref.

The 2 Handed Weapons Skill allows the use of any 2 handed weapons exceeding 42”. 2 handed weapons automatically do “Heavy” or “Knockback”, but must be adequately swung. These sizes are a guideline only as some weapons may be slightly smaller but are clearly 2 handed weapons. If in doubt, ask a Ref.

The Ranged Weapons Skill allows the use of any thrown or ranged weapons, such as bows and crossbows. The projectiles can be reclaimed (essentially, you have unlimited ammo as long as you can find your props). Bows and crossbows must not exceed 30lbs and are preferred to be within the range of 20-25lbs. IDV arrows and bolts are permitted.

Guns do exist in the game world, although they are extremely rare and very expensive to maintain. In these instances, NERF or NERF-like guns will be used and should looks suitably realistic. Guns cannot be motorised and must be of relatively simple design. ANY FIRING MECHANISM MODIFICATION MUST BE APPROVED BY A REF!

Arrows, bolts and bullets automatically do "Knockback Through".