The three countries that make up the faction of the Heartland League are Mercia, Wessex and Northumbria. Now their aims and ideals are:

  • Destabilisation of the Caerlaw
    • Undermining the Prydain's Alliance
    • Finding a way to destabilise the Thresholds
  • Gaining any powerful artefacts or allies to empower their armies and return them to military dominance
    • Dealing with Dreamfolk or those from other Planes to gain allies
    • Infiltrate the Nightmare Cities to locate artefacts of power



Wessex and Mercia made a mutual agreement to expand their borders. Mercia lacked any coastal areas and as Dumnonia and Cymru had either natural borders or cities blocking access to the coast, they decided the tactical spread east into Anglia. Before they moved their forces, Mercia's lord ensured Wessex would not attack from the South. The High King of Wessex had a different plan, which he posed to his neighbours. If Mercia would attack Jorvic, Wessex would attack Anglia, ensuring both gained land, balanced power - Mercia got it's coastal ports and Wessex maintained it's larger coastline. 

When Mercia marched over Jorvics borders, the Jarl of Jorvic sent ambassadors to the north for aid. Northumbria saw the advantage of the attack from the south, with it's own emmisaries already in Mercia, applied to join the Heartland League . They were accepted into the fold and began marching south.



Mercia was the land without a coast. Littered with nightmare cities and the old roads it's people carved a harsh existance. They fought hard for the land they now own and will suffer no insolence. Trials by combat and dueling are commonplace within the kingdom. Those that aren't given land by the gentry often turn to mercenary work, which left Mercia in a strong position when it was agreed with Wessex to start a war. Whilst their army was fragmented, each individual unit was effective knowing that the winners got the loot. Since the peace time, they often engage in dangerous expeditions into the Nightmare cities with or that border their land.



Wessex is a land of noble knights and loyal serfs. The king ensures that the tenants of Wessex are enforced throughout the land. The Gods protect the King and his Lords, who in turn protect the serfs. Through order and discipline they will prevail against the chaos. Magic users are registered and kept under watch of either nobles or the priesthood. The lords and their households reap the benefit of the lowly serfs who live in holds protected by the lord's soldiers. In turn this means that the Lords of Wessex have probably the best quality of life of all the Changelings of Albion. Their belief that their way is the only way led them to wage war upon the liberal magic users of Anglia and to strip them of their lands. 

Working with the near-honourless Mercians was deemed a neccessary evil by the King and his advisors, who believe that if neccessary, order could be brought to their North as well as their east. The thick dreamscape to the West deterred Wessex from starting a war that would have stirred the Prydain, who a deemed to be too chaotic to rule the Caerlaw that suggests the King of Wessex has to answer to someone other than the Gods.



Norhumbria is a cold land of devot individuals. They believe that the Changeling race isn't doing enough to awaken others and reclaim the land and dreamscape. Everyone who is devout and pious is welcomed, magic user, theif or warrior. Whilst not everyone is a priest, those that hold power are clergyfolk.

Wessex was deemed as being another devout nation, and with their expansionist ideals, the Northumbrians decided that this would be an opportunity to carry out the Gods' will. They view the Prydain's interference as neglegence of the Gods', especially Lughnassah's, will.