Marked are one of the graced races. They are smart and lack the physical graces that the elfkin enjoy. The first awakened of the Marked is now known as Samhain the Goddess of Autumn.


Marked were trapped in puzzling or difficult situations that required wit, guile and finess to get out of. Like the ogres, they had this over and over again until something clicked into place and they solved the problem they were constantly reliving. From there, the dreamscape held nothing for them and they awoke, always on the floor and always in pain.

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A Marked from h-Alba


Marked seldom change from when they first awaken. That awakening however, is a painful one, with strange markings being drawn all over their bodies. These magical tattoos stay with them for life, occasionally getting more intricate with age and power. When they die, these markings fade, leaving only scars.

In SocietyEdit

Marked find they can fit into any role that calls them, but they seldom deviate from that path. Many find the priesthood holds a life they will be happy sticking with, whilst others become warriors or casters as well as farmers, traders and artisans. They dislike politics because it has too much change in it for a proper career, though there are local positions of power that they suit well. Famous Marked:

  • Steward Theron of Northumbria
  • Marrick the Bard, Friend of the Gods