Ogres are one of the primal races. They are stubborn, short tempered and are not all huge hulking figures. The first awakened of the Ogres is now known as Lughnassah the God of Summer.


In tune with their primal nature, Ogres' tales of awakenings seem to have a similar theme - stubborness. Either strength of body or mind, Ogres over time began to break the situations they kept reliving. That sense of self and strenght of personality would be the defining point of Ogres.


It wasn't long before many of the bullheaded ogres began to see a change. In some cases, horns would sprout from their heads and grow to be quite large - but never with the fur that Beasts would have. Others found their skin and facial features changing to more earthy tones and hardy shapes.

In SocietyEdit

Ogres naturally find themselves in jobs that require a lot of violence, as that is often a talent they are Awakened with. However, this is by no means the limit, because of their stubborness they make excellent priests, politicians and farmers.

Famous Ogres: