The Prydain is made up of the older, western countries of Albion; Cymru & Dumnonia. The Caerlaw is currently a protectorate of the Prydain nations.

The Prydain have 2 main aims:

  • The continuity of the Caerlaw
    • Keeping Albion from all out war
    • Keeping all Changelings hidden from the Others
    • Finding locating all who awaken
  • Maintaining the prominence of power to the Prydain
    • Ensuring that their role as peacekeepers goes unchallenged
    • Retrieving any artefacts for hiding in their vaults
    • Finding and controlling as many thresholds as possible



The Cymru & Dumnonians were always close allies, sharing the Bri Toll channel and having some of the oldest trade agreements in the Changeling world. When the  Heartland League was formed they began marshalling forces along their naturally and ancient fortified lines. It was when h-Alba joined the Union of the Ice Sea and marched south that the Prydain feared drawing the attention of the Others. Both the Princes of Cymru and the Earls of Cornwall believed that all out war must be stopped and played a massive bluff (or threatened an all-or-nothing war). With the signing of the truce at Caer, the Caerlaw was created.


The Cymru were the first nation to be formed after the first awkenings, but were the last to act in the Great Divide. The main reason for Cymru's early formation was the abundance of castles & walled towns - this primal security that Changelings craved in the early days when their numbers were few and nightmares were many. Life is still tough for those that live outside of the walls, but in the early days, the leaders of the Changeling Cymru made deals with some of the inhabitants that were there when they awoke. Where possible, the Cymru try to be one with the land and to keep Changleing power from becoming noticible in the eyes of the Others.

Set in the remains of Wales, on the western coast of Albion, Cymru has a large number of known thresholds, especially in Ynys Mona. Whilst this has great potential, the Cymru avoid using those portals where posible, as Ynys Mona has the best farmland within their kingdom and losing it would severely harm their people. As a result, Mona is well garrisoned and protected by the castles of old.


The Dumnoii have some of the greatest seafarers & traders in Albion. Many of their settlements grew up as market towns rather than fortress towns as in Cymru across the Brit Tol Channel, though they rapidly set up trade agreements with these well established people. There are many nomadic people in Dumnonia and as a result they have easily fortifiable locations for those with the local knowledge to set them up. With the Prydain technially being neutral, they are free to trade and profit from both sides of the Divide.

The Dumnonii are the changelings that reside in the lands that were once the West Country in the old world. Dumnonia also has areas where the dreamscape is very thick as well as a large number of thresholds compared to mainland Albion, as well as several well fortified sites. It borders Wessex, with the dark New Forest & the Somerset fens acting as natural borders.