Most Changelings are aware that some the First Awakened took on great power and responsibility to protect the rest of their kind, thus becoming the gods of the changelings. The old religions were abandoned in fear of invoking a name of some of the Others, who's power seems to match the tales of old. The Gods rarely involve themselves with politics, but their followers are not forbidden from it.

The Four SeasonsEdit


Holy Symbol of the Changeling Way (Orientated as a follower of Lughnassah would wear it)

The First Awakened of the Darkling, Elfkin, Marked & Ogres ascended to the Changeling Pantheon, cycling their power with the seasons to help hide the Changelings from the others. They are known after their feast days. 

Imbolc - Winter, Warders & the Darkling First. In the shadows she hid, disguised by the cold frosts of winter. She kept the changelings safe when they first awoke.

Beltane - Spring, Hospitalliers & the Elfkin first. With the budding flowers and the change springs brings he awoke. She helped nurture the changelings as they came to terms with who they were.

Lughnassah - Summer, Templars & the Ogre First. Heat and storms of summer mirrored his temper and strength. He cleansed the lands for the changelings to settle.

Samhain - Autumn, Ritualists & the Marked First. The leaves change from green to brown before falling around as he marked the ground. He opened the thresholds for the changelings to spread.

The PriesthoodEdit

The Priesthood are those that have found a calling in life following the Changeling way and protecting Changelings either across all of Albion or in their local area. In order to channel their power, they follow one of the Gods of their choice, so that the cycle of power can continue.They are not opposed to each other, though a follower of a particular God orientates their symbol so that they are pointing upward. The priesthood are present all across albion, though there is sometimes little training in remote parts, but the Gods ensure their followers find the right paths.

Priestly PathsEdit

There are 5 paths that Priests follow and specialise in, though they are all able to step into another role if required (keeping the power cycle going). Priests can practice a finite number of rites per day, though are less restricted in the path they specialise in.

Generalist - Generalists have the ability to cast more rites than the others, however they are not granted any 'free' rites as a result.

Hospitalier - Hospitaliers keep changelings alive and well. They may not always be skilled surgeons, but their  channeling of the Gods can bring Changelings back from near death.

Ritualist - Ritualists keep the structured religion in play and are vital for making most of the cities safe, buy enhancing the range and power of both other priestly & mage abilities.

Templar - Templars are the more militant Priests who take a more direct approach to protection. They can use their rites to deal damage and protect themselves to hold the line if need be.

Warder - Warders are the most common Priest in farmsteads & isolated areas as they can use more rites to ward areas as well as drive creatures back with their faith alone, rather than force of arms that a templar would use.