The Dreamscape is the closest overlapping Realms from which Changelings emerged from, the realm which traps the Unchanged in endless cycles of their own dreams. It is the mask that hides the unchanged from the slow degradation that has occurred in the 'real' world and which allows supernatural creature to roam free.

History of the DreamscapeEdit

The origin of the Dreamscape (and indeed the end of the World as we know it) is subject to much speculation. The current popular theories within Changeling society are as follows:

  • The Fae had created an artefact that a enthralled or otherwise ignorant mortal stumbled upon and activated, causing the entire world to be covered by the Dreamscape. This is known as the Planned Beginning theory.
  • The End Times began, leaving many people in a state of limbo and perhaps others being taken away to be with their deity (or arguably, Fae) in whichever afterlife was promised to them. The rest unbound for whatever reason, became the Unchanged and the Changelings alike. This is known as the Apocalypse Theory.
  • A war within the Fae realm ended in such a way that their realm exploded, flooding into the others and their magic polluted the World causing the Dreamscape. This is know as the Unfathomable War theory.

Dreamscape GeographyEdit

The Dreamscape is very similar to the World, though things rapidly become illogical or confused the longer that a Changeling remains in there. Though it seeps into the new (or old) towns that Changelings inhabit, the constant reality that the Changelings impose on it pin it down. This is also reflected in the behaviour & variation of it's inhabitants. It is this that also is believed to make it difficult for the Keepers to enter. Within the Dreamscape (and indeed the World) it is possible to traverse great distances using Thresholds. These work because of the way that the Realms are overlayed, though because the Dreamscape doesn't have true consistency like the World, it is possible to hop to different locations on the same Realm.

The Dreamscape is highly magical in nature and as a result, some locations are heavily charged with magic, so much so that it can restore power to a mage. These are known as mana blooms.


Changelings have learned to use the dreamscape to their advantage. Not only does it facilitate the use of magic, but also provides a transportation network. Thresholds are usually at a fixed geographical location, which may be a specific rock, a gateway of trees or even a meander in a river, something clearly seen (at least, all those found to date are). However, the destination of these thresholds varies, with the variation specific to each threshold. Some are reliable and open to the same place regularly. Others do not. Some thresholds work 2 ways, but the majority do not. A map of the thresholds is highly desired, although it is a mammoth task.

Thresholds to other planes are not uncommon and are very dangerous. Whilst returning from the spirit realm is easy for mages, any unfortunate changeling who misses their threshold out of the elemental plane (or without the relevant protections) find a quick end to their lives.