The Fae are an extremely ancient, powerful and dangerous race. They are greatly feared by the Changeling races, as it is well known that the Fae caused the Dreamscape that shackled and tormented the Changelings for so many years...

Before the Dark AwakeningsEdit


A traditional Fae portal and place of power.

Before the Dark Awakenings, the Fae would meddle and play, capturing humans and making them their playthings either in the human Realm or the mysterious place where the Fae came from. They would make deals and contracts, bending fickle and weak minds to their will until they were bored or their new toy was no more. It would seem that the humans (or perhaps even early Changelings) that escaped (or perhaps were released by the Fae) told the various tales that exist in folklore across the globe.

The Fae were extremely powerful, with what seemingly limitless supply of magical power, but were only able to influence our realm via portals and places of power. Outside of the Supernatural, the Fae were relatively unknown. There were fanciful tales and myths surrounding them, but few believed they actually existed. That is, until the Dreamscape claimed all.


In present times, the Fae are well known and feared. Changeling believe that simply speaking their name gives them power, and as such, tend to refer to them by other means, the most popular of which being "The Keepers".

Changeling society has developed in such a way as to prevent anyone becoming too powerful and allow the Fae influence over the Changeling world. Fae, to their credit, don't allow this to disuade them, and will often try and find new and ingenious ways to impose their will on the Changelings.

Few that knowingly meet a Fae live to tell the tale, or in, indeed, remember the encounter ever took place. Therefore, what is actually known about the Fae's appearance, their motives, is based purely on hearsay and folklore. What does appear to be apparent in these tales is that the Fae are able to traverse the Dreamscape with no difficulty, suggesting that they have a permanent pathway to our Realm and were indeed the creators of the Dreamscape.

Thralls Edit

Those that fall under the influence of the others are known as Thralls. They appear to be normal changelings, but recent events have shown that they all appear to have a simple band around their heads. It is unknown if a thrall can be rescued or not, as the recent encounter showed them to be very aggressive and their bodies faded away into the dreamscape.

Known Fae Edit

Recent events have apparently unleashed a Fae from an Elemental Emissary's prison. It left the following message through the Message Tree

""I remove the burden of death and bring forth new life.

I am Reborn. I am the father of phoenix. Death is but a transition from one form to another.

Your words released me, but you took from me, pretty changelings. I will find you. You will be mine. The Vassel will be mine.