The Realms are the different layers of existence. The Dreamscape is a phenomenon that linked the World (in which humans inhabited) with the Elemental Realms, the Realm of Shadow and potentially the Realm in which the Fae came from. Transport across the Realms is possible via Thresholds or places of power. The existence of other Realms is a topic of much debate among Changeling scholars.

The WorldEdit

The World, known locally as Earth, was around the year 2019 AD by the British Calendar that was in use at the time - evidence has been found of this. It was a normal place where the Unchanged's memories take place in. It is the solid heart of the Realm structure and now, despite being heavily intertwined with the Dreamscape, is the place where Changelings live. The current known world is the majority of the Island of Great Britain, as well as some of the smaller islands off the coast, such as Ynys Môn (Anglesey) and the Isle of Wight.

The Realm of ShadowEdit

This is a dark and twisted version of the World. It is home to many Spirits and shadow creatures, particularly favoured by certain Nightmares, as well as the passing Changeling. It is so closely linked with the World that talented individuals can even cross over into it, though they do not always return, even from short trips. However, this close relationship also means that inhabitants of the Shadow Realm can sometimes cross over into the World, especially at night. Thresholding back from this realm restores the power to spirit mages. As a result of this, it is often incorrectly referred to as the Spirit Realm.

Recently, Spirits from the Shadow realm were found roaming around an area in the Caerlaw, slowly spreading out and causing harm to all living beings they came across. A group under the Mark of Corley ventured from a local shrine to the Gods, deep into the Realm of Shadow, to a strange Obelisk where a strange artefact was binding spirits and shadows to it's will. The group destroyed the artefact with help from the Gods.

The Elemental RealmsEdit

There are four known elemental realms that are linked to the world by the Dreamscape. It is well known that elemental mages draw their power from these realms to cast their spells. Powerful creatures of pure elemental energy inhabit the realms and have shown some signs of sentience, though like all things non-Changeling, it is best to treat them with caution. Thresholding back from this realm restores the power to elemental mages.

Some elemental creatures have been seen in the Dreamscape - these are (to avoid confusion with changeling elementals) known as Emissaries. They are powerful magic users and their weapons appear to be an extension of themselves. It has been witnessed that these creatures are hostile towards the Others and that they are powerful enough to hold a Fae in place for at least a short time.

The four known elemental realms are:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
    Sunset moors by Gareit Icewing-1-

    A view of the Realm of Fire from traversing the Dreamscape